We believe that Gulf-Israel greentech cooperation, in the spirit of the Abraham Accords, can be the key to a greener future for our countries, the region and the planet.

By advancing mutually-beneficial cooperation, we can promote economic growth while helping our countries achieve their sustainable development goals. 

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Gulf-Israel Green Ventures combines deep expertise regarding Israel’s greentech ecosystem, comprised of over 600 companies, and an extensive network of  relationships in the UAE, Bahrain and other Gulf States.

We work with Gulf companies and entities looking to integrate, distribute or invest in green technologies, and Israeli greentech companies looking to bring their technologies and services to the Gulf.

We facilitate business deals from A to Z, from initial consultation and introductions, to the successful conclusion of agreements and establishment of meaningful business relationships.

In addition, Gulf-Israel Green Ventures brings together experts, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to exchange research and insights on pressing sustainable development issues facing the Middle East.

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